Leading door access & control systems.

Understanding how your requirements are crucial to us installing a system perfect for your premises. Ensuring it offers you both practicality and security.

ITC are registered installers of GDX, Paxton and other manufacturers equipment.

Each premise has bespoke needs and therefore we are able to design, install and maintain any access control measures for any building.

This may be a single point of entry and exit to a full-blown multi-door and user system across a large site requiring a considerate design and planning before installation.

Different types of door entry systems.

Door entry systems, also known as access control systems, are designed to control access to restricted areas within a home or a commercial area. There are numerous kinds of door entry systems that we can use, ranging from keypad door entry systems to biometric door entry systems. These systems can verify identity and allow authorized personnel access into a given area.

Aside from increasing security, these systems can also help with the management of various facilities. For example, they eliminate the need for multiple keys or locks. They also remove the need for manual control of access.

The purpose of door entry systems.

Before we consider which systems out of the various door entry systems we install, it is essential to consider the benefits they provide. A door entry system is primarily designed to deny access to the wrong people. These systems can be installed on the door that allows entry to areas such as a parking garage or stock rooms.

A very basic example would be a keypad door entry system. It requires one to key in the right code or password to gain entry. This password is typically given to the authorised persons and is kept confidential by them.

However, various other systems rely on specific mechanisms. It depends on exactly what you require, which we establish during an initial consultation.


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