Do you qualify for the workplace charging scheme?

What is the OLEV workplace charging scheme?

The OLEV grant (also known as the Workplace Charging Scheme or ‘WCS’) is specifically designed to help businesses and fleets begin their electrification journey. The Workplace Charging Scheme reduces the total cost and installation by 75% per socket (limited to £350). The grant can be claimed for a maximum of 40 charging stations (total £14,000) but be aware, you cannot claim for old charging stations.

Do I qualify for the workplace OLEV grant?

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Off-street parking
  • Your charger must be installed by an OLEV approved installer
  • No proof of EV is required but you will need to clarify the business need

How do I qualify for the workplace OLEV grant?

It all begins with a simple form (click here). If you would like any assistance completing the forms please speak with us to guide you through the process. If your application is accepted, you will receive a voucher code that you then present to us here at ITC Group. It’s valid for 120 days from date of issue so please don’t forget!

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